About Libby

Libby Mewing is a Sydney based abstractionist who has studied locally and in France.

She uses oils and acrylics, often employing collage or layered textures on canvas or paper.

Colour, gesture and movement are her signature touches and she hopes her joy of creating unusual shapes and spaces will delight the viewer.  Her influences include DeStael , Diebenkorn , Bonnard , Mitchell and many of Australia’s artists.

Libby is an exhibiting member of Art Gallery On Darling, Balmain and Art Gallery on Palm Beach, Sydney.

For the past 6 years Libby has attended workshops in Durtal, France studying under Rogine Dore ,Thibaut de Reimpre  and Philippe De Latour in addition to classes at Willoughby Workshop with Tony Tozer and other well respected local teachers. Collaboration and encouragement are vital to any artist’s work…..it’s a creative journey not taken alone!

“The purpose of true art is to evoke rather than portray” unknown


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